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Saudi Smart Systems

Provides Phones with Extra Freatures and Security

IP Phone can do more.


professional communication services

Saudi Smart Systems SmartIPĀ®

provides business phones with services and personal profiles.
It allows system data entry from any Client Interface.

SmartIPĀ® is a customized standard application modules based on Cisco and AVAYA standards to meet the unique needs of your business.

Saudi Smart Systems SmartIPĀ®

Phone Lock Modules

  • Possibility to receive incoming calls on locked phones.

  • Information about phones status (locked/unlocked).

  • Lock out individual phones, pre-defined groups or entire site.

  • Phone can be controlled with Windows Login/Logoff.

  • Advanced Directory Module (Hyper Directory)

    • Existing LDAP servers integration.
    • Phone users can access detailed contacts.
    • Complete phone based.
    • Direct call from results page.
    • Search by Name/Department/Extension.
    • User can send SMS to specific contact from result page.
    • User can send email from the results page.
  • Messaging Module

    • Broadcasting TEXT messages to individuals, groups or companywide.
    • Send text messages via SMS (single or group extensions).
    • SMS alerts for specific alarms.
    • Wakeup Calls Module, with SNOOZE options.
    • Voice mail management.
  • News Module

    • Ability to view several RSS feeds.
    • Display all or selected RSS feeds.
    • Ability to customize displayed information.
  • Weather Forecast Module

    • Ability to view weather status.
    • Ability to set specific city to be a default when logged in.
  • Net Services

    • (World Clock) show world clock relative for local setting.
    • Currencies exchanges.
    • Calling from web.
    • Check personal email (currently subject only).
    • Send small body emails (phone limitations).
  • Phone Calendar Module

    • The module should allow users to view Hijri calendar.
    • Allow users to view their outlook calendars.
    • Provides prayer times and Azan sounds accurately depending on phone location.
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