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All in One Call Recording System

professional communication services.

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Multiple Recording Mode:

Casco® Recorder provide three different recording modes to suite most of our customers' business needs, these modes are:

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    mode 01

    Automatic recording upon Call Connect/Hang up.

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    mode 02

    Manual selective record by secret DTMF code or PC button.

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    mode 03

    Pause/Resume record by secret DTMF code or PC button.


24 Hour Messaging

Supports virtually any telephony environment, Such as:

  • Analog trunks.
  • Digital Trunks.
  • E1.
  • IP.

Casco®Recorder Power Tools:

  • Achieving (Automatic, Scheduled, Call Notes, Search, Playback)
  • Detailed Analytical Reporting.

Live Listening:

Casco® Recorder enables supervisors and systems administrators to listen to one of the current calls, and can stream it to other users so they can hear it while the call is taking place, simplifying call audits and agent training.


Data Protection and Security:

Casco® Recorder provides complete and secure platform which will not enable any user to delete, modify, or rename any recorded call even if the system is started in safe mode, if a user tried to do one of these actions the system will instantly send either a message, email, or via SMS (or all) for the system administrator who can also see all these actions via the system reports.


Casco®Recorder Openness:

Casco® Recorder is built with open platform architecture, native multithreading design making it easily handling high call traffic with a maximum performance, using minimum hardware requirements reducing your investment. Customizable and able to integrate with other systems (such as back office solutions). LogicsWare has developed its own Software Development Kit (SDK) to provide a standard interface for other vendors enabling them to interface the Casco Recorder® with their CRM, or ERP solutions.


PBX Integration:

Casco® Recorder integrates with nearly all PBX's SMDR ports, which enables information gathering (like extension number), when the system is recording via external trunk lines.


Hot Standby Ready:

Casco® Recorder has a built in module to support hot-standby by providing a second slave machine with the same number and type of ports, both systems run at the same time.


User Permissions:

Casco® Recorder enables system administrators to configure different users with different privileges, as who can listen to what calls, and who can view specific customer calls or who can extract specific reports.


Call Tagging and Call Notes:

Casco® Recorder enables agents and system users to tag calls and add specific call notes in order to provide analysis and issue identification, which will provide decision makers with sufficient information for specific problem searches (via call note) or deciding on the new marketing campaign.


Encryption and Compression:

Casco® Recorder secures recorded calls via a very strict encryption scheme, with a private key for each customer making it impossible for any unauthorized personnel to listen to any recorded call. Recorded calls compressed with high bit rate codec.


Scalable and Hybrid:

Casco® Recorder can run on Small, medium and enterprise business units with analog or digital interfaces . Casco® Recorder can easily suite multi-interface solutions (hybrid), where the customer needs to record existing legacy analog or digital channels on the same server with the new installed IP PBX.


Screen Capture:

Casco® Recorder enables supervisors to get an overview of the agent's activity during the call which enable evaluating the agent's performance.